This movie, is a good example of how the government can and will ignore people’s rights to reach it’s own ends.

Even if we don’t agree with someones actions, even if we think they are guilty; no one’s rights should ever be violated.  This movie details a kangaroo court that seems to be more about revenge than justice.

Just Stuff that interests me

I’m a bit of a history buff so this movie was on my to watch list.  Okay yes Norman Reedus is in it too.  Yesterday I noticed that it was on Netflix so I got my chance to watch it.

It is based on a historical incident, the trial of the Lincoln assassination conspirators, and it looks like it stayed pretty close to what actually happened.  The plot actually focuses on Mary Surratt, the first woman hanged by the Federal Government.  The Actual conspiracy is more in the background.

If you know your history, Mary Surratt owned a boarding house in which the Lincoln assassination was hatched by by John Wilkes Booth and his co-conspirators, including Mary’s son John.  Mary along with several others who may or may not have been guilty and one that was definitely guilty; was arrested, tried and convicted by a military tribunal.   Three other conspirators…

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