Rolling in red tape?

Red tape.  I’m sure we all recognize that phrase.  We’ve probably all encountered the red tape phenomenon somewhere along the line.  It’s constantly used to comedic effect in movies and television.

The movie Beetlejuice used the ‘take a number’ gag.  It can be annoying to walk into an overflowing waiting room and having number ‘199’ when the board is showing “Now serving #19”.  You realize that you are stuck waiting for the entire day to take care of an issue that might take 10 minutes.

But one of my favorite examples comes from the television show LEXX.  It really plays up just how frustrating bureaucracy can be.  The Dead Divine assassin Kai, ends up getting dragged before an adjudication committee.


Kai rightly figures out that the end result of all the ‘adjudicating’ will be a punishment and at the outset requests that the adjudicating be skipped and asks to be thrown from the top of the city.   Request denied.  What ensues from there is a stream constant redundant bureaucratic hijinks which even drives a dead man to frustration.

The thing is much of the red tape we encounter is in response to laws or rules that the different organizations we deal with may be bound by.   Often those that seem to be tangling us up in the red tape are just as stymied themselves by procedure.  Not to mention that we can often cause the red tape tangle ourselves by a lack of experience in dealing with something.  We fill out the wrong form, file with the wrong department, etc.  Something as minor as placing the correct information in the wrong spot can start red tape rolling.

Well we can’t do anything about procedure, but we can do something about our own actions by making sure we are doing our part correctly.  How do we make sure we do our part correctly?  We get advice from someone who knows the laws and understands the documents.  We can consult with an attorney.

Just turn on the television and watch all the commercials from attorneys looking for people who have been turned down for Social Security or disability.  All the attorneys looking for people who owe back taxes to the IRS and all of the other various things these attorneys advertising.   LegalShield provides its members with unlimited consultation on any legal issue.  Even if you are not sure you have a legal issue, you can consult with an attorney to help you determine if you do have a legal issue.

Bureaucracy is annoying.  Dealing with it yourself can be like setting sail on the Atlantic Ocean with no map.  Doesn’t it make more sense to to have the help of of an experienced ‘legal navigator’ when you set of to sail the ‘Sea of Red Tape’?