Would you really fall for this?

It’s always Phishing Season, only the bait changes.  And Somewhere out there is a Phisher who has decided to change the bait.  I recently received an email that is a blatant phishing scheme. I received the following notice from of all places, ‘The United States Postal Service’.

Sorry scammer, I know better!

TO: 1 recipient
CC: You + 23 More

Unfortunately we failed to deliver the postal package you have sent on the
12th of November in time because the recipient’s address is erroneous.

Please print out the shipment label attached and collect the package at our

United States Postal Service

I’m wondering how anyone could fall for something this blatant, but then again These Phishing schemes would not be so prevalent if no one was falling for them.

This one is so obvious.  Let me explain why.  Not only did they send this to me, they carbon copied it to 19 other people and I now have all of their email addresses just as they all have mine.  Not something that the post office would do.  In addition:

*When is the last time you stuck a letter in the mail with your email address printed on the outside of the envelope?  I don’t think USPS has mine because I have never included my email address on any shipping label.

*I think that there was a return address included on everything that I have mailed or shipped.  There is a reason for the return address; when something is undeliverable the post office returns it to the original sender.  So if they could not deliver something, they send it back to me.

How is it that 26 different people all have the same ‘shipping label?  We don’t that is where the phish bites the hook.  Yes there is something attached to this email for me to download, and it is not a USPS Shipping label.  It is a virus or worm that will infect my computer or a link to software that will give them access to my computer even if I am not on it.

Never respond to these emails and never click on any links or attachments included with them.  Delete them.  I have gotten the “Cannot deliver your package” e-mail numerous times from every shipping company in the US and they are all the same.  A phishing scheme meant to gain information from you.  Answering these emails or responding to them in any way other than deleting it, increases your risk of becoming the next identity theft statistic.

Identity theft is a major concern for all of us and our information can be accessed from numerous sources.  LegalShield can help before, during and after you become a victim.