5 reasons to love having a LegalShield Membership

I am a member of LegalShield and I love having the peace of mind it gives me.  Here are 5 Excellent reasons to love having a membership!

1.  Most people would never call an attorney over a $20 dispute, the attorney fees would cost way more than $20!  But with my membership I can call no matter what the amount.  All those little disputes that you simple write off add up.  $10 here, $20 there; before you know it you have written off hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

2. When you speak to the Provider Law firm there is no need to worry about fees in most cases.   Except for issues that fall under the 25% member discount, the attorney fees are already covered under your membership.

3. The provider law firms takes as much time as is needed to help you with your problem.  They are not trying to rush you along to meet with the next client and you don’t have to worry about ‘billable hours’ adding up.

4. The provider law firm focuses on the facts of your case and will give you advice that is personal for you and pertains to your case.

5. You can always call your provider law firm back to ask additional questions after you have spoken to an attorney.

Gay rights would not be an issue if they truly existed

Gay rights is a term that we keep hearing about and there is a reason that we keep hearing it, they don’t really exist.  If gay rights truly existed, there would be no reason for it to keep popping up in the news.  The LGBT community would be treated the same as the heterosexual one.

I am a straight woman but I am all for gay rights.  Gay rights has nothing to do with my sexual orientation or anyone else’, it has to do with people all being treated fairly.  As a Black woman, I feel that I have the responsibility to stand side by side with members of the LGBT community in this fight.  This fight is not just about gay rights but the rights of every conceivable ‘group’ that can be labeled as different.

If you are willing to stand by and allow anyone to use the law to  discriminate against, oppress, dehumanize and objectify any group because they are ‘different’, then you need to understand that the same thing can be done to you no matter who you are.   Maybe your turn will come because of an illness, where you live, or even the fact that you wear glasses, what we allow to be done to one can be done to all.

This is one more reason I choose to be an independent associate of LegalShield.  LegalShield is available to help everyone protect their rights.   Same sex couples are treated no differently than a heterosexual couple, a family unit is a family unit period.   Every family unit has rights and those rights should be protected.

It’s amazing how easily we get distracted from what is important. While amusement is necessary, when it eclipses everything else we need to stop and focus.  Really? J-lo’s neckine is front page news?? I can think of a lot of things more important than that to be on the front page.

How about the families who are being foreclosed on?  That is an issue that needs attention.  Families who are living on the edge of financial ruin?  That is an issue that needs attention.  People who are being downsized out of jobs? Yes that needs attention.

LegalShield helps people whether it is helping them handle foreclosures, severance packages or just a way to make a little extra money.

peaceful controversy

The Oscars aired on Sunday night…..It is now Tuesday and the NYC Daily News is STILL talking about red carpet fashion does and don’ts……..ON THE FRONT PAGE!

I realize that the Daily News is just trying to sell their newspaper……and this is what sells……but, doesn’t anyone realize that there may be more important things to talk about in the world?

Does it not seem logical that by focusing all of our attention, money and intellectual devotion to fashion, we are allowing everything else around us to crumble to pieces…….because we don’t care enough about it to even think about it?

I was watching the red carpet just for the humor of watching grown people discuss whether or not this ruffle or that neckline was worthy of admiration.

I also enjoyed watching the celebrities stop and turn from side to side to make sure the photographer get their best…

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Top Scams of 2011?

According to Scambusters.org, Identity theft continues to be the number one scam.  What we need to remember when we look at statistics, is that the reality is worse.  Statistics are taken from the number of reported cases.  There are many more cases out there that are not reported because the victim thought it was minor inconvenience or because they simply have not discovered that they are a victim yet.

Early detection is important, the quicker you discover that you are a victim, the less time a thief has to do damage.  Find out how LegalShield can help!

Take a look at my YouTube Channel!

Don’t forget to keep an eye on my Youtube channel!  You’ll find informative videos including several LegalShield Videos.  Find out how Legal Shield can help with legal issues and identity theft issues or how you can help others while building your own business with a product that everyone really needs.

See what LegalShield can do for you!

Equality comes in many varieties

Today we celebrate the life of Martin Luther King Jr.  Dr King dedicated his life to equality.  We often forget that equality comes in different varieties.  There is equality in employment, housing education etc.  There is also equality under the law.












Displayed on the Supreme Court Building is the phrase “Equal Justice Under Law”  But is justice really equal?

If you have a lot of money I suppose you think that it is, but the sad truth is that justice is equal to what you can afford.   The person that can afford to pay an attorney for guidance will be treated fairly.  Their rights will be protected.  The person who cannot afford to pay an attorney often ends up holding the short end of the stick.

And even among those who can afford to pay an attorney, they also end up waiving their rights because they cannot afford to pay an attorney for every single legal issue that they face.  LegalShield is a way for everyone to level the playing field.

Imagine being able to have an attorney review every contract before you sign it.  Imagine being able to pick up the phone and just ask an attorney when you have a legal question.  Imagine being able to get advice on legal issues before they grow out of control.  That is the power of LegalShield.









The Taxman Cometh

2011 is quickly drawing to a close, bringing a new year.  It’s a time of transition, out with the old and in with the new.  And starting on Monday January 1st businesses will begin working on those w-2’s, and we will be into a new tax season.

Everyone who files taxes is subject to being audited.  Will you be one of the unlucky ones picked to be audited in 2012?  Tax audits can be a nightmare and many people find themselves panicking when it happens.   Tax law is very complicated, we don’t call the IRS “Individuals Representing Satan” for nothing you know.  A tax attorney is vital when meeting with an IRS Auditor.

As a member of LegalShield, I don’t have to worry about it.  I have access to a tax attorney if I am ever audited as a standard part of my membership.  How about you?  You can have this peace of mind also.  Signing up for a membership now will not only cover your upcoming 2012 return but also the return you filed for 2011, but you must secure your membership now.   Tax coverage begins with the return filed in the year you get your membership.  Enroll now to cover your 2011 tax return.  January 1st 2012 means you missed the boat!


Don’t half plan for that day

I am a firm believer in pre-planning for the inevitable (No, pre-planning does not jinx you, neither does getting your will prepared).  Both pre-planning and preparing a will are different sides of the same coin, they are ways to help your loved ones when the time comes.

When the inevitable happens we are not ourselves, we are grief stricken.  We don’t think clearly and there are those who will use the opportunity to take advantage.

While most funeral homes are truly there to help you say goodbye, there are the bad apples just like anywhere else.  Those who will attempt to steer you into paying for the biggest spectacle ever seen outside of a circus tent and guess what?  Nine times out of ten they succeed by playing on your grief and making you feel guilty for not buying the most expensive of everything.  Pre-planning your own funeral protects your family from the few sharks out there.

Having a will works in much the same way.  You have your wishes planned out in black and white for the world to see.  Instead of people fighting over your possessions, you designate where they should go.  By doing so you prevent the family feud over who gets your silver etc.  You decide who raises your children rather than them becoming a ward of the state or being placed in the custody of someone other than who you wish to raise them.

Last but not least you can protect the assets you do have.  Many people say I don’t have anything but you would be surprised what you are really worth. Who would you rather have your assets when you pass on?  Your family or the state? In you don’t have a personally drafted will,  I guarantee that the state you live in has one for you and you won’t like it.

Don’t keep putting off this important part of protecting your family. Remember none of us knows how long we have, we are only promised right now.  LegalShield understands the importance of having a will, that is why we offer  standard wills to each of our members at no addition charge and annual updates to keep your will current.

I’m sorry ma’am, I can’t help you. It’s policy

Odds are you’ve heard these words before.  They seem to go hand in hand with merchant disputes.  You feel as if you’ve been wronged and the merchant is not holding up his end of the deal in some way.  What follows is a round of hoop jumping worthy of a Ringling Brothers Circus performance.

You will get tons of commiseration but no actual results.  Even worse is when they start doing the “department shuffle” on you.  You know what the department shuffle is.  That’s when no matter who you call they tell you your problem is handled by a different department.  Now you’ve moved up from hoop jumping to tennis ball being lobbed back and forth through every department and supervisor they can find to pawn you off on.

Sooner or later you just get worn out and write the whole thing off as a loss.  Admit it, somewhere along the line this has happened to you.  It’s happened to me too in the past.  The dispute is just not worth the hassle.  You could call a lawyer, but unless it is a huge amount of money it’s not worth paying the attorney’s fee.   Consumer complaints tend to be small amounts.

Well that scenario does not have to be in your future anymore.   Think about how much money you’ve written off in the past.  Maybe not a lot taken individually but collectively is another matter.  If you could add up every loss you have written off over the years, you would be shocked.  It probably adds up to hundreds if not thousands of dollars you have lost because 5 dollars here or 10 dollars there just was not worth the aggravation at the time.

When you write your complaint letters or make phone calls to a business you get directed to “Customer Service”.  If an attorney writes a letter or makes a phone call he gets directed to the Legal Department.  Big difference isn’t it.  Instead of customer service reps telling him about policy, he get lawyers looking at liability.  That’s why having a lawyer handle a dispute gets different results from you trying to do it yourself.  Often he gets positive results.

Imagine having a lawyer write a letter on your behalf the next time you have a dispute with a merchant.  It doesn’t matter what the value of that product is.  $30 blouse falling apart at the seams after wearing it once?  Call your attorney and let him handle it.  Don’t have an attorney?  Then take a look at LegalShield and get your own provider law firm on your side today!

Taking stock and taking charge

Back in 2007, the Federal Trade Commission published a booklet called “Protecting Personal Information: A Guide for Business” that gave five tips for protecting personal information.

The booklet concentrates on five key things that we can also do as individuals to better protect our information.

Take stock

What personal or sensitive information do you have?  Any form of identification should be considered personal and/or sensitive.  Whether it identifies you or accounts you hold, property etc.  You need to know that you have it and get it all together in one place.

Scale down

Honestly evaluate your situation do you really need 15 credit cards?  Do you really need a credit card from every retailer you shop at.  If you have a Visa that is accepted at Sears, JC Penney, Macy’s etc do you really need a separate credit card from each retailer?

Another big and unnecessary risk we take is with all those retailer loyalty cards.  How many do you have hanging from your keychain right now?  Every one of those little keychain cards represents a different database that you are now listed in.  Do you really shop at that retailer often enough for it to be worth the risk?  If not, opt out of the program.

Lock it

Separate your information into what is necessary and what is not.  Secure your personal information.  A home safe or strongbox can serve this purpose.  Any documents you are not using should be locked away in a safe place.

Pitch it

Now how about that pile of unnecessary documents and cards?  First things first.  If you are planning to scale back on credit cards, contact these creditors and close those accounts! Identity thieves love dormant accounts.  Properly shred all of the documents and cards that you have deemed unnecessary.

Plan ahead

There is an old adage, “Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.”  That is exactly what you need to do, prepare for the worst.  There is no way to completely eliminate your risk of becoming an identity theft victim, so you need to be prepared when and if it happens to you.

Photocopy the contents of your wallet and lock it up with the rest of your important information.  If it is ever lost or stolen, you will know exactly who to contact to close the accounts.  It also will be easier to list what was stolen or lost on the police report that you file.

Make a list of all the loyalty rewards programs you are enrolled in so that you can easily contact them.

Have something in place to help you fix it!  Restoring an identity is not as simple as many think.  According to Wiley Rein Publications, it can take an average of 600 hours and an average cost of $1,400 to restore an identity.  This is where Identity Theft Shield from LegalShield can help.