Gay rights would not be an issue if they truly existed

Gay rights is a term that we keep hearing about and there is a reason that we keep hearing it, they don’t really exist.  If gay rights truly existed, there would be no reason for it to keep popping up in the news.  The LGBT community would be treated the same as the heterosexual one.

I am a straight woman but I am all for gay rights.  Gay rights has nothing to do with my sexual orientation or anyone else’, it has to do with people all being treated fairly.  As a Black woman, I feel that I have the responsibility to stand side by side with members of the LGBT community in this fight.  This fight is not just about gay rights but the rights of every conceivable ‘group’ that can be labeled as different.

If you are willing to stand by and allow anyone to use the law to  discriminate against, oppress, dehumanize and objectify any group because they are ‘different’, then you need to understand that the same thing can be done to you no matter who you are.   Maybe your turn will come because of an illness, where you live, or even the fact that you wear glasses, what we allow to be done to one can be done to all.

This is one more reason I choose to be an independent associate of LegalShield.  LegalShield is available to help everyone protect their rights.   Same sex couples are treated no differently than a heterosexual couple, a family unit is a family unit period.   Every family unit has rights and those rights should be protected.