Think it can’t happen to you?

Even cartoon characters end up in court.  Wile E Coyote, Genius has been brought before the bench although in WIle’s case it was probably deserved.  After all he has been harassing the Roadrunner for decades

The point is simply this.  Anyone of us could be facing a lawsuit at any time, deserved or not.  Just take a few minutes to scan some of the doozies on the Gavel2Gavel website.

A small sampling of what can be found there:

*A man sued Pepsi when they refused to redeem his points for a Harrier jet as shown on a television commercial.

*A man filed suit against Satan and his staff.

*A woman sued a Circus after a performing horse mistook her for a toilet.

And there’s much more Legal lunacy to be found on this site.

Born in the Sue-S-A

Is there anyone in the United States that doesn’t know about the McDonald’s hot coffee suit?  Most people were truly shocked that Common Sense had been proven dead at that point.  Suddenly people realized that you could do something stupid (lets admit it, sitting a cup of hot coffee between your legs is not exactly the act of a Mensa member) and sue someone else for your own silliness.

the next thing you know there are warnings on everything and some of them reflect the depths of stupidity manufacturers are worrying about when it comes to frivolous lawsuits.  Would you put this in your mouth?

Most of us wouldn’t but if you read the box, it clearly states “Not for oral use” tells me that someone is potentially that silly and the makers of PreparationH have also realized this and taken steps to try to protect themselves.

However the frivolous lawsuits don’t stop there, they sometimes become downright bizzare!  Take the case of Christopher Roller vs David Copperfield.  We all know who David Copperfield is right, one of the most famous illusionists out there.  Well David got hit with a lawsuit alleging he used ‘Godly powers’ in performing his illusions.  Godly powers that Mr. Roller claimed to have patented.  The case was dismissed with prejudice so David Copperfield won the lawsuit, but not because it magically disappeared.  Mr Copperfield had to hire an attorney to represent his interests in court, just like we all should when hit with a lawsuit.

The other thing that sticks out about this case is that most people would have brushed off Mr Roller’s claims as less than sane.  After all Godly powers are the work of God.  Considering God has even been hit with lawsuits, any one of us could be named at any time.  Even if the lawsuit itself makes no sense.