Did you pay too much?

Auto repairs are a part of vehicle ownership.  Parts wear out and they do need to be replaced, but are you paying too much for those repairs?  I came across a great blog post today on the Driverside website listing the top 5 most overcharged repair jobs.

Is this what you feel like you have paid for?

Most of the repairs listed are fairly simple and they tell you how to figure what your bill should be on these repairs.  A repair bill should consist of parts and labor and possibly a ‘disposal’ fee.  Did you look at your last vehicle maintenance or repair bill?  Did it seem high?  So what can you do if you think that you have been overcharged?

Well if you were a LegalShield member, you could call your attorney.  Many members use the membership when they have been treated unfairly by a merchant or service provider.  Members use the membership for everything from over charges to defective products to repairs that did not fix anything.  We all have the right to expect merchants to provide the services they promise at a fair cost.

As a Legalshield member you feel like you have paid for this instead

Being overcharged for a repair or paying for a defective product is a legal issue and an attorney can help.  When a LegalShield member says “You’ll hear from my attorney.”  They have the power through affordable access to actually mean it.

A True LegalShield Story

I wanted to share this little video with you.  It’s a nice LegalShield story but it is also a true story.  I know the gentleman it happened to.   And yes he did use his LegalShield Membership for a missing trash can.

Not exactly something you would look in the phonebook and hire a lawyer to handle for you.  It was only an $80 recycling bin.  Most people would simply pay the $80 and forget about it.  It would cost more to hire the attorney than the recycling bin is worth.

That right there is the beauty of a LegalShield membership.  The little issues that we simply accept, even when we know they are wrong, because paying an attorney to right the situation costs more than the situation itself.  LegalShield allows you to take advantage of the scales of justice by freeing you from the scales of ‘what’s in your wallet.’  Those little issues may not seem like much when you compare them to the attorney fees, but those little issues add up.  A $25 issue here, a $30 issue there, a $50 issue next month; eventually they can tally up to a $500 bundle of issues and for most of us the tally is way higher.

Think back to all the times you got stuck with a defective product and couldn’t get your money back.  How many times have you gotten charged for a repair that was not done correctly?  Has a dry cleaners ever ruined an item of clothing.  Your luggage ever been lost by the airlines?  These are all issues that cost you money and you let it slide because you know it would cost much more to get an attorney involved.  You allow yourself to be nickeled and dimed out of hard earned cash unfairly.

LegalShield gives you access to an attorney when things like this happen as a standard benefit of your membership.  By the way, just to let you know how ‘trivial’ an issue our LegalShield attorneys have handled, a good friend of mine has a laminated money order that is the record for the smallest amount his provider law firm has ever written for a member.   He was charged a small service ‘fee’ by a car wash when he had free car washes for a year that came along with his new car.  The attorneys wrote a letter for $3, the cost of the fee, my friend got his $3 back but it did not stop there.  The car wash stopped charging that fee to everyone!  So not only was my friend’s rights protected thanks to LegalShield, everyone who uses that car wash now enjoys no additional service fee!