I’m sorry ma’am, I can’t help you. It’s policy

Odds are you’ve heard these words before.  They seem to go hand in hand with merchant disputes.  You feel as if you’ve been wronged and the merchant is not holding up his end of the deal in some way.  What follows is a round of hoop jumping worthy of a Ringling Brothers Circus performance.

You will get tons of commiseration but no actual results.  Even worse is when they start doing the “department shuffle” on you.  You know what the department shuffle is.  That’s when no matter who you call they tell you your problem is handled by a different department.  Now you’ve moved up from hoop jumping to tennis ball being lobbed back and forth through every department and supervisor they can find to pawn you off on.

Sooner or later you just get worn out and write the whole thing off as a loss.  Admit it, somewhere along the line this has happened to you.  It’s happened to me too in the past.  The dispute is just not worth the hassle.  You could call a lawyer, but unless it is a huge amount of money it’s not worth paying the attorney’s fee.   Consumer complaints tend to be small amounts.

Well that scenario does not have to be in your future anymore.   Think about how much money you’ve written off in the past.  Maybe not a lot taken individually but collectively is another matter.  If you could add up every loss you have written off over the years, you would be shocked.  It probably adds up to hundreds if not thousands of dollars you have lost because 5 dollars here or 10 dollars there just was not worth the aggravation at the time.

When you write your complaint letters or make phone calls to a business you get directed to “Customer Service”.  If an attorney writes a letter or makes a phone call he gets directed to the Legal Department.  Big difference isn’t it.  Instead of customer service reps telling him about policy, he get lawyers looking at liability.  That’s why having a lawyer handle a dispute gets different results from you trying to do it yourself.  Often he gets positive results.

Imagine having a lawyer write a letter on your behalf the next time you have a dispute with a merchant.  It doesn’t matter what the value of that product is.  $30 blouse falling apart at the seams after wearing it once?  Call your attorney and let him handle it.  Don’t have an attorney?  Then take a look at LegalShield and get your own provider law firm on your side today!