Why you will NEVER be safe from identity theft!

Unfortunately many people still believe that they can eliminate the risk of becoming a victim of identity theft.  They think that they can totally erase the risk.  They believe it when some company says that they can prevent you becoming a victim.  If you hear that from anyone, don’t you believe it!

None of us can totally eliminate our risk.  That is because our personal information (very detailed and intrusive information) is readily available to anyone.  It’s called public records and you might be surprised exactly what information someone can get their hands on through public records searches.  You have much less privacy than you think.

Many companies have popped up that gather information on individuals and offer that information for sale to anyone with a credit card.  just type background checks online into Google.  I just did this as I am posting and got back 11 million hits.  11 million places you can go online to buy a back ground check on someone.

What information is available on you?

Personal Records:

Alias/Maiden Name Check
Address History
Phone Number(s)
Social Web Search
Date of Birth
*List of Relatives
Email Addresses
*Spouse/Roommates Locator

Criminal History:

State Criminal Records Check
Nationwide Criminal Records Check
Arrests and Warrants
Misdemeanors and Felonies
Convictions and Incarcerations
DUIs and Criminal Driving Violations

Court Records:

Civil Filings
Civil Actions
Liens and Judgments

Property Records:

Primary owner on title
Property Information
Phone Numbers and Details
Mortgage Records
House Purchase and Current Value
*Possible Neighbors


With all of this information available to anyone online with a credit card, how can any one of us possibly be safe?  And it is not just you that is at risk.  Someone pulling up a background check on you can easily find what he or she needs to pull the records of your family, friends and neighbors.  Just notice the items with an asterisk.

This is why we all need to have something in place to help us fix it when it happens.  No one can stop it, but LegalShield can help fix it.