Have you ever seen a family at odds with each other over the possessions of a family member who has passed on?

Having a current will in place would spell out your wishes and avert the drama of families members fighting over your possessions.  Even things with no monetary valuable can be priceless sentimental treasures.

Have you ever been stuck with a balloon payment on a loan?

Having an attorney review a contract before you sign it could help you avoid or at least be aware of things like balloon payments that are in a contract.

Have you ever signed a lease?

An attorney can help you understand the terms of your lease.

Have you ever received a traffic ticket?

Having an attorney represent you in traffic court could help you keep points off your license.  Less points can mean lower insurance rates and prevent you amassing too many points in a given time period which could lead to a suspension of your license.

Attorneys can help us in almost every area of our lives.  The reality is that most of us are not raised to regard the use of an attorney as an everyday tool.  We are raised to consider them as an occasional requirement to help us get through a major crisis.   The truth is,  using an attorney as a everyday tool in many cases can help us handle a minor situation before it blows up into a major crisis.

Take the time to watch this short video on LegalShield to find out who we are! 

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