What I do and why I do it!

I am a retired police dispatcher currently living in San Antonio, TX. I
grew up in Williamsburg, VA and joined the US Army immediately after
high school.

After I finished my tour of duty I bounced around trying to find my
niche.  I’ve worked construction, as a hairdresser, candle maker,
telephone answering secretary and finally found the best job in the
world. I got paid to tell the cops where to go, sometimes that included telling them to respond to a call, but it was a very interesting and fun job.

Being with the police dept is a big part of me being with LegalShield, I got to see first hand how green the justice system is.  I  don’t mean green as in saving the Earth, but green as in those with  dollars got justice, those without didn’t. My entire mission now is to  help level that playing field for everyone. Each of us deserves the same level of fairness and consideration.

I am a Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist and Independent
Associate with LegalShield.  We have the only product that has been called the 800 pound gorilla in the room when it comes to identity theft. 24 hour credit monitoring, 24 hour emergency access to attorneys and full identity restoration. My goal is to educate my clients in addition to protecting them.

2 comments on “What I do and why I do it!

  1. Hi Cheryl. Took a closer look a your blog. Looking good. Will link it to mine. The one I am setting up with Arthur targeting newbies. Wen you have time please write or copy/paste one of your articles on recognizing red flags and scam. It is one of the first things the need to know in my opinion. With a link to your blog an legal opportunity. I think that is good for seo and the link wheel thing Andy wrote recently about.

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