Global Payments Inc suffers dataloss and merchants could be on the hook!

Once again a payment processor suffers a dataloss. Sadly merchants could be bearing the financial burden on this even though they are not the ones who lost the information. That’s bad for the merchants.

It’s also bad for the consumers whose information was lost. While consumers may not have to shoulder the financial burden, Personally Identifying Information has been exposed. The exposure of your personal information puts you at risk of becoming an identity theft victim, and the financial burden is not the only problem you have to worry about. You are more than your credit score!

Global Payments Inc has scheduled a press conference for Monday morning, look for a more in depth update then.

What a sad situation for mother and child

We often assume that people’s rights are a given fact.  We think that our rights are protected at all times but this is not the case as this  Dan Rather report shows.  All to often our rights depend on whether or not we can afford to enforce them.

In this report I noticed that in many of the cases it came down to resources, the unwed mothers did not have them available.  Sadly this is happening on a global scale, including here in North America.  The parental rights of mothers are being ignored through forced adoptions.

As a mother I can’t imagine being forced or coerced into giving up my child.  But these women have experienced exactly that.  LegalShield can take care of one of the issues this report brings to light, the lack of resources.  LegalShield provides you with affordable legal access.  Perhaps in the case of these mothers an attorney could have prevented the situation through a simple contract or document review, or even have prevented some of the mothers from signing the paperwork when they were drugged or exhausted after labor.

5 reasons to love having a LegalShield Membership

I am a member of LegalShield and I love having the peace of mind it gives me.  Here are 5 Excellent reasons to love having a membership!

1.  Most people would never call an attorney over a $20 dispute, the attorney fees would cost way more than $20!  But with my membership I can call no matter what the amount.  All those little disputes that you simple write off add up.  $10 here, $20 there; before you know it you have written off hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

2. When you speak to the Provider Law firm there is no need to worry about fees in most cases.   Except for issues that fall under the 25% member discount, the attorney fees are already covered under your membership.

3. The provider law firms takes as much time as is needed to help you with your problem.  They are not trying to rush you along to meet with the next client and you don’t have to worry about ‘billable hours’ adding up.

4. The provider law firm focuses on the facts of your case and will give you advice that is personal for you and pertains to your case.

5. You can always call your provider law firm back to ask additional questions after you have spoken to an attorney.

Gay rights would not be an issue if they truly existed

Gay rights is a term that we keep hearing about and there is a reason that we keep hearing it, they don’t really exist.  If gay rights truly existed, there would be no reason for it to keep popping up in the news.  The LGBT community would be treated the same as the heterosexual one.

I am a straight woman but I am all for gay rights.  Gay rights has nothing to do with my sexual orientation or anyone else’, it has to do with people all being treated fairly.  As a Black woman, I feel that I have the responsibility to stand side by side with members of the LGBT community in this fight.  This fight is not just about gay rights but the rights of every conceivable ‘group’ that can be labeled as different.

If you are willing to stand by and allow anyone to use the law to  discriminate against, oppress, dehumanize and objectify any group because they are ‘different’, then you need to understand that the same thing can be done to you no matter who you are.   Maybe your turn will come because of an illness, where you live, or even the fact that you wear glasses, what we allow to be done to one can be done to all.

This is one more reason I choose to be an independent associate of LegalShield.  LegalShield is available to help everyone protect their rights.   Same sex couples are treated no differently than a heterosexual couple, a family unit is a family unit period.   Every family unit has rights and those rights should be protected.

This is the norm that most of us have been raised with. We understand that Attorneys are not cheap. Luckily there is a solution called LegalShield. Take a look at this post to see how we can use attorneys for everyday issues. We just don’t because we know the issue is no where close to what we would pay to have an attorney handle it.

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NOTE: Cheryl from has provided me with the following link for anyone who is need of affordable legal assistance:

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I hate to break the bad news to y’all, but the American legal system does not work in our favor……at least not for the majority us…….

First of all, if the case you need representation for is not easy to win….you can forget about finding a lawyer who will agree to get paid on contingency.

And nowadays, because lying and the skewing of facts are so prevalent in our society (and what attorneys are trained to do), laws have become so technical and complicated that 1) You cannot defend your own case, an attorney must…

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