Don’t half plan for that day

I am a firm believer in pre-planning for the inevitable (No, pre-planning does not jinx you, neither does getting your will prepared).  Both pre-planning and preparing a will are different sides of the same coin, they are ways to help your loved ones when the time comes.

When the inevitable happens we are not ourselves, we are grief stricken.  We don’t think clearly and there are those who will use the opportunity to take advantage.

While most funeral homes are truly there to help you say goodbye, there are the bad apples just like anywhere else.  Those who will attempt to steer you into paying for the biggest spectacle ever seen outside of a circus tent and guess what?  Nine times out of ten they succeed by playing on your grief and making you feel guilty for not buying the most expensive of everything.  Pre-planning your own funeral protects your family from the few sharks out there.

Having a will works in much the same way.  You have your wishes planned out in black and white for the world to see.  Instead of people fighting over your possessions, you designate where they should go.  By doing so you prevent the family feud over who gets your silver etc.  You decide who raises your children rather than them becoming a ward of the state or being placed in the custody of someone other than who you wish to raise them.

Last but not least you can protect the assets you do have.  Many people say I don’t have anything but you would be surprised what you are really worth. Who would you rather have your assets when you pass on?  Your family or the state? In you don’t have a personally drafted will,  I guarantee that the state you live in has one for you and you won’t like it.

Don’t keep putting off this important part of protecting your family. Remember none of us knows how long we have, we are only promised right now.  LegalShield understands the importance of having a will, that is why we offer  standard wills to each of our members at no addition charge and annual updates to keep your will current.

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