Did you pay too much?

Auto repairs are a part of vehicle ownership.  Parts wear out and they do need to be replaced, but are you paying too much for those repairs?  I came across a great blog post today on the Driverside website listing the top 5 most overcharged repair jobs.

Is this what you feel like you have paid for?

Most of the repairs listed are fairly simple and they tell you how to figure what your bill should be on these repairs.  A repair bill should consist of parts and labor and possibly a ‘disposal’ fee.  Did you look at your last vehicle maintenance or repair bill?  Did it seem high?  So what can you do if you think that you have been overcharged?

Well if you were a LegalShield member, you could call your attorney.  Many members use the membership when they have been treated unfairly by a merchant or service provider.  Members use the membership for everything from over charges to defective products to repairs that did not fix anything.  We all have the right to expect merchants to provide the services they promise at a fair cost.

As a Legalshield member you feel like you have paid for this instead

Being overcharged for a repair or paying for a defective product is a legal issue and an attorney can help.  When a LegalShield member says “You’ll hear from my attorney.”  They have the power through affordable access to actually mean it.

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