Who you gonna call?

Accidents happen.  When they do we automatically think call an ambulance and call the police.  We never think call our lawyer.

Why call a lawyer?  When the police get there you are giving them a statement.  That’s right a statement that goes on the police report.  We all have the right to consult with an attorney before giving any statement to the police.  It’s just not something that we think about in this situation.

What if there are no injuries, it is just a minor fender bender?  how should you handle the situation?  Once again, consult with an attorney who can tell you the best way to handle it.  The attorney can help you determine whether or not you should report it to your insurance company or handle it privately.

LegalShield allows you access to an attorney in situations like this.  You can get advice to help you protect your rights and figure out the best way to handle this legal issue.


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