Sorry Bill doesn’t live here

Usually when a client calls me to ask the question “What do I do?” it’s because they need to use their membership and are not sure how to go about it or even if they should call.  My advice is always to use the membership and let the attorneys handle legal issues and the Investigators for Identity Theft Shield answer their identity theft questions but this morning I was stunned by a client asking me a different question.

It seems my client is the recipient of email meant for someone else.  Not a single email but several.  These email are being sent to her from a phone service provider.  When she received the first one, she tried to contact the person that it was meant for and called the phone number that had been provided for the intended recipient.  Guess what? she got another email letting her know that the intended recipient now had a message to pick up.

You would think this is a minor thing but…The email contains everything a thief would need to steal the intended recipient’s identity, all of their personal information.  Name, address, phone number, account number etc.  Not good.

She told me that she although she understood identity theft, she never understood exactly how easy it was to steal someone’s identity.  This company handed someone elses’ information to her on a silver platter.   This triggering a bit of thinking on her part.  Who else is getting all this information sent to them?  Are they honest?  What companies has sent out her information to the wrong person.

She is very thankful right now to have her LegalShield and Identity Theft Shield memberships.  She now realizes just how easy it is for her identity to be stolen and is relieved to know that she is covered when the wrong person gets their hands on her information.

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