There are no borders with identity theft

Identity theft is a crime without borders.  If you see me mention that it is a ‘global phenomenon, I’m not talking about the fact that there are victims in practically every country on Earth, I’m talking about the fact that the victim can be in one country, the thief in another and the information used in yet another.

Simon Bunce is a good example.  Simon is a citizen of the United Kingdom, but His information surfaced as a purchaser of Child Pornography during a US Investigation.   Then the nightmare began for Simon.

Deep in the heart of Texas

It all started in the state of Texas.  US investigators were hard at work cracking down on Child Pornography on the internet.  During the investigation thousands of British credit card numbers were discovered, all used to purchase child pornography on the internet.

Now we all know that Great Britain and the US had a little spat a few years ago called the Revolutionary war.  No hard feelings neither side is holding a grude.  We get along famously.  So famously in fact that our American investigators took the helpful step of forwarding this information to British authorities.

Enter Simon Bunce et al

Across the pond, Authorities are just as determined to wipe out child pornography.  They immediately identified and went after those on the list, some 7000 people including Mr. Bunce.  This is when the nightmare began.  Police arrested Mr Bunce on ‘suspicion of possessing child pornography’ and seized his computer.  If only it had stopped there.

Mr Bunce was now suspected of being a pedophile.  Goodbye cushy high paying job, goodbye family; hello to a nightmare.  Mr Bunce’s wife did stand by him.  Mr Bunce took it upon himself to investigate just how his credit card number ended up on a list of suspected pedophiles.

Indonesia? But I was having Dinner in London

Mr Bunce followed the trail to Jakarta Indonesia.  Someone in Indonesia had used his credit card to make the infamous purchase while he had been busy enjoying a nice dinner (which he paid for using the card in question).  A very neat trick.  David Copperfield and Cris Angel could take lessons from Mr Bunce in the magic department, I mean being in two places that distant at the same time is a neat trick.

Eventually the Police agreed and cleared him of the charges but at a high cost for Simon Bunce.  He was arrested, lost his job and his family and probably had to deal with suspicion and scorn from his neighbors and friends.  How would you treat a pedophile?

Mr Bunce had done nothing to deserve the nightmare he had to live through.  Identity thieves ruin lives.  It is not a victimless crime.  Perhaps credit monitoring could have helped in this situation.  One of the benefits of Identity Theft Shield is continuous credit monitoring and immediate notification of suspicious activity.


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