Identity theft victims suffer an emotional toll too

Identity theft is a crime.  People who are the victims of crime often have a mental reaction to that crime.  Identity theft is no different.  Identity theft victims are put through all sorts of stressful situations.

Imagine finding out you do not have the money to pay your rent or mortgage, going to jail and spending the night in a cell for something you did not do.  Going to the hospital for treatment and finding out your insurance is exhausted.  Identity theft victims face all of these situations on a regular basis.

Indentity theft can be a source of great emotional trauma, especially when you clear up one thing only to find that there is yet another problem to be dealt with and having that happen over and over again over a period of weeks or even years.  That is the emotional toll an identity theft victim can face.

Because identity theft is not a violent crime, victims can often find that their issues are overlooked or that others around them expect them to simply ‘suck it up’.  People who have never experienced it don’t understand that the victim’s  sense of violation is just as real as the mugging victim.

The Identity Theft Resource Center has put together a guide for Identity theft victims to help in overcoming the emotional impact.  The fact sheet can be found here.

One way to ease a bit of the stress is to be prepared and have help available that you can turn to before you become a victim.  Having something that will kick in and take a bit of the burden off of your shoulders.  This is one area where LegalShield can help.  Through the Identity Theft Shield you have investigators that will work with you to restore your identity.

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