Do you have Sammy Hagar Syndrome?

Almost all of us suffer from Sammy Hagar Syndrome at one point or another in our lives.  What is Sammy Hagar Syndrome?  You may know it by another name like a case of Lead foot.  I can’t drive 55, or 70 or whatever the posted speed limit is; in other words speeding.

For most of us it really is not intentional, we are ‘keeping up with traffic’.  Usually we don’t go overboard with the lead foot, but every so often it happens to the best of us and we end up with a speeding ticket.

When we get the ticket the officer tells us our options.  He doesn’t explain what those options mean however and rightly so.  He’s not an attorney it’s not his job.  He’s like Monty Hall on let’s make a deal.  You can pick door number 1, 2 or 3 but he’s not going to tell you what is behind that door.

Our usual method of handling it is to pay the fine and forget about it until the next time we get carried away.   We don’t know what option is best for us because we are not attorneys.  We are like the contestant picking a door and hoping that there’s not a Zonk behind it.

But an attorney can help you understand not just what your options are but which option is in your best interest.



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