Are you sure you are alive?

Recently the CDC released a Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness alert.  We all thought it was a good joke but…It seems that there are zombies living in the US!  Are you sure that you are not one of them?


There are no outward symptoms of being a zombie that you would notice.  You will not experience sudden convulsions or cravings for brains.  You won’t attack your friends, family and neighbors in a ravenous hunger.  In fact you really won’t experience any physical changes at all.  You will continue on as you always have with one difference, you will be dead; at least on paper.

In 1980 the Social Security Administration made available a little something known as the Death Master File.  The purpose of this file is to prevent consumer fraud using the information of the deceased.  The plan is that when you die, your information is placed on this list to prevent fraudulent use.

Unfortunately it’s not just the dearly departed that end up on this list.  According to Scripps Howard News Service, clerical errors add as many as 1,200 living people to the DMF On a monthly basis.  That is 1,200 brand new zombies shambling about without a clue each month.    Suddenly you no longer exist.  This file is easily available and it was created to prevent the fraudulent use of information sooo…

Imagine going down to your local car dealership and picking out the fancy sports car you always wanted.  The salesman runs your credit history and you find out that the dead don’t need cars.

Or you are a younger person on your way to further your education at college.  You turn in the paperwork to get financial aid and find out that the dead don’t need an MBA from MIT.

Here’s a real kicker! With many people beginning to accept the option of preplanning funerals, imagine having your pre-needs counselor say, “Don’t you think it’s a little late to be pre-arranging your funeral, Mr. Jones?  After all you died in 2002!”

Comical Yes, unless you are the zombie in question.  Now you are looking at the prospect of legally resurrecting yourself.  Perhaps even being accused of stealing your own identity!  Either way you are looking at finding your way through a legal maze to get back to life.



8 comments on “Are you sure you are alive?

    • The solution is to understand that today legal issues are a part of our normal lives just like Identity theft. It’s like that fire extinguisher. It is there so when and if you have a fire, it is at hand. Already have a plan in place.

    • It does sound like a Hollywood movie plot doesn’t it? The other problem with the DMF Is the length of time it can take for the truly dead to show up. Some estimates say as long as 10 years for some people.

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