It’s the little things that matter

When you see this in your yard, how much attention do you pay to it?

I’ll bet you don’t pay any attention at all do you?  It’s  just a little ant and beneath your notice.

But what if you saw this on your front lawn?I’ll just bet that would make you sit up and take notice wouldn’t it?

So what do ants and elephants have to do with anything?  It a good visual example of how easy it is for an identity thief to commit financial fraud.  If you think that the identity thief is looking for the ‘big score’, think again.

Identity thieves are most effective in making multiple little purchases, not major ones.  We would notice the major purchase while the smaller one gets over looked.

Think about it for a moment, when you pick up your credit card bill and give that cursory once over that most people do which of the following two purchases would jump up slap you in the face and say “Hey I’m fraudulent!”?

The $5000 charge for a home theater system or the $30 charge for gas at Exxon?  Of course you would notice the $5000 charge because that is the elephant.  It is obvious that you don’t have a new home theater system, but you probably did buy gas at some point.

This is why saving your receipts for credit card charges is so important.  If you have multiple cards, you need to note on that receipt which card you used.  When you get your bill, compare it to the receipt and immediately dispute fraudulent charges with your credit card company.  It may be only nickels and dimes, but nickels and dimes add up to dollars!


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